Tuesday, 5 April 2011

BEDA #5 A blogging milestone... The Sweeney

So I was sent my first press release today.  This feels like a big deal. Feel free to put me straight film bloggers of the world!

It's from Vertigo films who are responsible for good stuff like Monsters and slightly less good stuff (to me anyway) like Streetdance 3D. The film is The Sweeney and it's a remake of the 70's British TV show.

It looked like this.

It looks a bit funny but it was the coolest thing on TV at the time. It was pretty violent, had loads of action scenes, a cool car and cool actors. Honestly. It was the 70's!

Nick Love (The Football Factory) is directing and the casting has been announced. Ray Winstone will play Jack Regan and Ben Drew will play George Carter. Ben Drew is the man behind Plan B who sound like this.

Here they are...

Sorry guys but I really hate this picture. Drew is just looking at the camera with a slightly confused look on his face, Ray is giving it attitude!

This project's been around for a while and Ray Winstone has been attached all along. Some bigger names had been thrown around to play Carter though. Like Daniel Craig, Tom Hardy and Ewan McGregor.

I'm not overly worried. Ben Drew had roles in Adulthood and Harry Brown and, from his music videos, seems to have some charisma. It's his first starring role though so fingers crossed. Ray Winstone can always be relied on for an entertaining performance.

On to the gushing quotes...
Director and co writer Nick Love states, "I'm very excited about Ben playing Carter - he brings an intelligence and sensitivity that is crucial for THE SWEENEY.  Ben is also one of the most promising and multi-talented young performers around.  For me, Ray (Winstone) and Ben are the ultimate casting for a character driven action thriller set in London today."

Ben Drew adds. "It's a dream come true for me to be in a film with Ray Winstone who is one of my favourite British actors of all time and I’m really excited about working with Nick Love in what I feel will be a challenging role for me to play"

Ray states, “I cant wait to work with Nick Love on The Sweeney, it was an inspired casting to have Ben Drew as George Carter, I’m a huge fan of his.

Finally, here's the better photo...

So there you go. What do you think? Are you looking forward to this or are you going to give it a miss. I think I'll hedge my bets until the trailer appears.


TheUnwashedMass said...

I hope he fights crime with his lovely singing voice.

The Kid In The Front Row said...

I like how you blogged openly about this. I've been ignoring their press releases for a fair while now, haha.

Jess said...

Yeah well it was my first one... I'm sure I'll get more selective as time goes on. I think it's ok as long as you're honest about your impressions of it.