Sunday, 13 February 2011

Bafta Results & Reactions!

So it's 9pm here & I'm settling in to watch the BAFTA's.  There's a 2 hour delay between the actual ceremony & the TV coverage so I had to detach myself from Twitter so that the results will be a lovely surprise.

I apologise in advance for what follows.  This is just what pops into my head as it happens...

The cast of Street Dance opened the show.  Yes this really happened.  Something to do with the awards taking place at the Royal Opera House prompted a ballet/street dance combo.

Jonathan Ross & his ridiculous facial hair cracked some jokes that actually made me laugh. A good comparison between 127 Hours & Mr Potato Head of Toy Story 3 made me giggle more than is probably acceptable.

Paul McCartney was on stage at one point and DIDN'T lead everyone in a rendition of Hey Jude... never thought I'd see the day.

Original Music - The King's Speech - Boo!  I love the film but AR Rahman should have won for 127 hours.

Jesse Eisenberg is very small.

Special Visual Effects - Inception - Woo hoo!  Had to be.

I wonder if James McAvoy would be as adorable without the Scottish accent?

Best Supporting Actress - Helena Bonham-Carter.  I hope she doesn't win the Oscar but it seems right for the BAFTA's. Her acceptance speech was fabulous.  She just seems like an awesome mental lady. Love her.  Also, Miranda Richardson looked pissed!

Outstanding Debut by a British guy doing writey, directory stuff - Chris Morris for 4 Lions. Chris wasn't there which is a shame but not surprising.  I've not seen Four Lions yet which is a problem as I promised my year 9 class I'd watch it this weekend. Just remembered.  Whoops!

Outstanding British Film - The King's Speech.  Of course.  And it deserved to win.  Moving, funny, superbly acted and as British as you can get.

Best Supporting Actor - Geoffrey Rush. He really is brilliant.  Although a little part of me wanted Andrew Garfield to get it.

Oh. My. God. Rosamund Pike & Dominic Cooper totally stuffed up their intro.  Painful.

Best original screenplay - The King's Speech

STEPHEN FRY!!  Thank goodness for that.  Was getting bored.

Outstanding British Contribution to Cinema - The Harry Potter Films. Made shed loads of cash, created jobs, stimulated the economy blah, blah, blah.  I love them & I'm not ashamed.  David Heyman is a prat though.

Best Animated Film - Toy Story 3.  I love Toy Story but I really had my fingers crossed for How to Train your Dragon.  Oh well...

I LOVE Tom Ford.

Rising Star - Tom Hardy. Wooh!  Tom wasn't there which is a great shame. Ahem, anyway the other nominees were Gemma Arterton, Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Aaron Johnson. Would've been ok for any of these guys to win - except Arterton of course.  She's pants.

In memoriam - yeah some sad bits. Pete Postlethwaite!  Corey Haim! Sad.

Emma Stone's there with Macauley Culkin!  Eh?!  He's only just broken up with Mila Kunis.  And he's all odd.  Oh well, they might be just friends.
*EDIT* It was Kieran Culkin.  Can't believe I got them confused.  Also can't believe it was my mum who put me right!

Julianne Moore looked beautiful but she seemed mega nervous.

Adapted Screenplay - The Social Network. Yey!  I'm such a Sorkin nerd. And his speech was lovely.

Tilda Swinton is so unbelievably stylish.

Best Director - David Fincher.  Wooh!  Loved The Social Network - plus Andrew Garfield got a moment on stage.

Gerard Butler has mad crazy hair.  But it's lovely to see him speaking like a person with a real accent for a change.

Leading Actress - Natalie Portman. But she wasn't there. Can't argue.  She was ace.

Leading Actor - Colin Firth. Woop!  He's so gentlemanly and British.  Love him. Brilliant speech.

Best Film - The King's Speech. Yeah I know it's not a surprise but it really is a great film.  Big cheers for the UK Film Council too which is interesting as the Government are getting rid of it...

BAFTA Fellowship for Christopher Lee.  He really has aged though.  I know he's like 103 or something but he's starting to look it.  It was a really moving moment.  Lots of shots of crying celebrities.  I joined in.  Lovely way to end though. He's a legend.

The dresses!

Since watching Black Swan Barbara Hershey terrifies me.

Emma Stone was wearing the Lanvin dress I really REALLY want. And she looks great in it.

Thandie Newton never ages.

J.K. Rowling can look a bit librarian and boring but not tonight.  She looks fab!

And Tilda Swinton is just her crazy self. 

There are probably loads more fab (and not so fab) outfits but the photo's haven't appeared yet so this will have to do!

So let me know your thoughts in the comments.  Good decisions, bad decisions, fashion opinions... anything!


TheUnwashedMass said...

I slept through it.

Anonymous said...

J. K. Rowling always looks amazing. Whether she is looking bookish or not.

Jess said...

You know Chloe I've just had a look at some photos and you're right. She has worn some great dresses. I'm not sure why they don't stick in my mind. I have an image of her in my head that's just not very glamorous. Weird!

Gemma said...

I'll be honest, as awkward as it was, Rosamund Pike & Dominic Cooper screwing up was one of the highlights of the show. Alongside Helena Bonham Carter's speech.

Also, I agree that David Heyman is a prat. You'd be pushed to find someone who thought otherwise.

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