Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Mail Madness

A short one today but oh. my. god.

The Daily Mail.  I'm not sure where I'd get most of my outrage from if it wasn't for them.
If you've never had the pleasure of reading it, here's a little song by way of an introduction.

In my last post I drew your attention to a "story" about the state of Sarah Brown's feet.  
In the run-up to the election, it seems that this was important enough for publication. Now it seems as if
this issue is so vital to the voting public that a follow up should be written. They can't let 
Samantha Cameron off without the same foot scrutiny... So here's the result.

Apparently Samantha dared to go out wearing black nail polish on her toes...

"With its funereal connotations, it is more associated with rock stars than politician's wives. 
But joining her husband yesterday, Samantha Cameron wore black nail polish on her toes - just visible through her high-heeled wedges - perhaps proving that little has changed since her teenage goth phase."

Of course! Samantha Cameron, Creative Director of Smythson of Bond Street and wife of the Conservative party leader is secretly a goth! That makes complete sense!  It's a good job we've all been made aware of this so that we can make a fully informed judgement on which party to vote for.  I've been waiting for the journo's to ask the ladies to take their shoes off for weeks but now the Mail has kindly provided me with all the information I need. 

Seriously.  Editor with a foot fetish?  Who knows.  

They also linked "night time trips to the toilet" with cancer today here.   The scientists they quoted quickly denied that's actually what they said here.

Anyone have their own favorite Daily Mail story? Leave me a comment with yours.

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The Kid In The Front Row said...

The Daily Mail song is HILARIOUS!